French journalists Stéphane Taponier and Hervé Ghesquière returned home Thursday after 547 days in Taliban custody in Afghanistan.

The two war reporters, along with their translator Reza Din, had been held hostage by the Taliban for well-over a year after militants ambushed near Kabul.

The Afghan Taliban says they released the hostages because the French government had given in to their demands.

France was made to accept the conditions of the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan [Taliban] and agreed [to] the release of a number of mujahideen commanders in exchange for the release of the journalists, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said in a statement.

While there are no details concerning the terms of the reporters' release, some conjecture that France released some Taliban prisoners in exchange for their two countrymen.

It's lovely to be back, Mr. Ghesquière told French television after being reunited with his family.