width=398Purchasing a car, whether new or used, is an important decision and therefore, has to be taken with well thought planning. People who find it difficult to afford a brand new car often prefer to go for the used ones. However, buying a used car would be worthy only if it is available in a sound condition. A deal cannot be called profitable just on part of your investment. The durability and condition of the product also adds to profitability. Purchasing a used car is of no use if it further requires extra cost for repair and maintenance. You planning to buy a used car should be supported with some time spent in inspecting the vehicle and ensuring that the car is worth buying. While searching for the use car, you will encounter with some honest owners whereas there will also be owners that may trick you into buying a car. But if you ask some key questions to the owner, you minimize the chances of getting tricked.

· Where the car is coming from: You should make sure that the owner has purchased the car from a reliable source and the owner possesses all the legal documents required for the car ownership. Nobody would like to get into trouble by purchasing a stolen car and you should also take care of this thing.

  • Why the car is on sale: Many a times it happens that the owner of the car is not satisfied with some aspect of the car and wants to sell it off. If the owner takes the initiative to mention problems occurring with the car, it will be easy for you to take decision. Otherwise you should hire a trusted mechanic who can inspect for any fault or issue in the car.

· Condition of the car: The basic elements that you should look for in the car may include the engine condition, the mileage, the body, tires, the overall condition of the car parts and the car interior.

· Turn of Service: It is also necessary for you to check the service records of the car. Try to find out about how much is the car owner regular in maintaining and oiling his car.

· Warranty: Some of the car owners also assure certain warranty for the durability of their car. Even a scrimpy warranty will add up to the credibility of the deal.

After going through the above mentioned interrogative statements you can move to the price negotiation. Before making the final decision, it is required to remember the owner's response for all your queries. This will help you make a better decision for your deal.