Fresh Harvest Products, Inc. is a natural and organic food and beverage company. Trading on the OTC Bulletin Board, the Company sells their products through specialty and natural food distributors to stores, specialty supermarkets and retailers. The Company also sells their products via an online Web-store. Fresh Harvest Products, Inc. has their corporate headquarters in New York, New York.

The Company offers a line of organic snack products and beverages. These include health bars and coffee bars under the Wings of Nature™ name. They also include beverages under the TeAloe™ name, and frozen pizza and food products under the AC LaRocco™ name. In addition, Fresh Harvest Products, Inc. provides a grocery product line. These products include numerous varieties of whole bean and ground coffees, as well as beverages.

In organic products, the Company’s commitment is to fine natural ingredients in every product. They offer quality products grown without artificial pesticides or chemicals to keep food pure and to protect the environment. For snack products, their natural sweeteners contain complex carbohydrates and nutrients, which absorb more slowly and do not elevate blood sugar levels as much as other sweeteners. In addition, Fresh Harvest makes their AC LaRocco Pizzas with quality nutritional ingredients. They are typically found in the natural foods freezers in supermarkets.

Early last month, the Company announced that they completed their asset acquisition of AC LaRocco Pizza Co. (AC LaRocco). AC LaRocco is a 12-year-old privately held purveyor of organic and natural frozen foods, located in Washington State. The acquisition significantly increased the depth and breadth of Fresh Harvet’s products, sales and distribution across the nation into retailers such as Kroger (certain divisions), H-E-B, Albertsons (certain regions) and further enhanced their foothold with the largest natural food retailer in the US.

Today, Fresh Harvest Products, Inc. announced that sales of their Wings of Nature bars in Walgreens have been brisk. Submission of re-orders has taken place several times to restock the shelves. The Wings of Nature bars sell in approximately 205 Walgreens retail locations in the greater Orlando, Florida area.

“We are encouraged to see such a positive consumer response to our Wings of Nature bars. Right out of that gate, several stores have sold out and continue to sell quickly. As we are building a strong foundation, we are very pleased with the customers’ acceptance of our products and we are actively working towards expanding our brand and distribution throughout Walgreens,” said Michael J. Friedman, CEO of Fresh Harvest.