Fresh Harvest Products, Inc. today informed investors that it is seeking further organizational growth through additional product acquisitions, strategic alliances and joint ventures, as well as attracting additional members to its Board of Advisors. The company also plans to continue the organic growth of its product lines by increasing marketing initiatives, distributor network and online presence.

Michael J. Friedman, FRHV’s CEO, commented, “Management is focused on sustainable growth; we are using several strategies which we believe will benefit the Company and its Shareholders in the long term. Fresh Harvest intends to increase future revenues by adding innovative products to our portfolio as well as seeking out strategic alliance and joint venture partners who serve the natural and organic health food and beverage marketplace.”

He added, “We intend to attract seasoned executives with relevant experience to join our Advisory Board, to better position Fresh Harvest to weather the current economic environment and assist the Company in integrating current and future acquisitions, as well as, future strategic alliance and joint venture partners.

“Also, in order to increase our revenues, we are currently focusing our marketing efforts on social networking websites and the internet in general. By using social networks, we intend to increase our brand awareness among consumers and translate increased consumer awareness of our brands into revenue through both retailers and our online store,” he concluded.

Currently, the company is active on and will be joining Facebook, Twitter and other communities in the coming weeks. This active participation in social networking will further convey information about the company’s brands, product offerings, and product promotions to consumers.