Yesterday, Fresh Start Private announced that their alcohol treatment procedure has received approval from BlueCross BlueShield for their alcohol treatment program. Fresh Start Private is a leader in the alcohol treatment and rehabilitation industry.

The terms include a commitment for prompt payment from BlueCross BlueShield. Twenty-five percent of All Fresh Start Private claims are undergoing processing through BlueCross BlueShield.

A Fresh Start Private spokesperson commented, “The wonderful thing about our procedure is it is done in about 20 minutes and patients can go back to work the following day. With any minor surgery there is some swelling, and we monitor our clients with follow up visits with our doctors. The remarkable thing is that our clients are in and out quickly, without the stigma attached to being away from their loved ones for an extended period.”

Alcohol problems affect employees in diverse industries from manufacturing to information technology, and from the boardroom to the shop floor. Alcohol costs American employers an estimated $134 billion in productivity losses. This is primarily due to missed work. Employers can reduce costs and help employees with a relatively small investment in effective prevention and treatment for alcohol problems.

Headquartered in Santa Ana, California, Fresh Start Private is an alcohol addiction; alcohol withdrawal; alcohol abuse treatment, and alcohol detox rehabilitation company. They are on the leading edge of alcohol addiction treatment. They have licensed a highly effective treatment that delivers target therapeutic levels of Naltrexone to reduce patients’ cravings for alcohol significantly.

The Company has extensive experience in alcohol addiction treatment and they have successfully treated more than 5,000 addiction patients (both drug and alcohol). Neil Muller and Dr. George O’Neil founded Fresh Start Private in Australia in 2004 to provide global access to the innovative addiction treatment work pioneered by Dr. O’Neil through his initial Fresh Start clinic.