Located in Los Angeles, California, Fresh Start Private (FSP) has built a stellar reputation as an alcohol addiction, alcohol withdrawal, alcohol abuse treatment and detox rehabilitation center. Today, FSP took a major step forward with the announcement of major expansion throughout the East Coast of the US.

FSP has signed a contract with Merit Management Services to open up five new treatment centers within the next 12 months. Merit will work with FSP to support these services through the use of its trade name, marketing efforts and assistance of training programs.

FSP’s private goal is to meet its growth targets through licensing opportunities by promoting its licensed products and services to existing medical centers and treatment centers. This is good news for FSP shareholders and the medical community as a whole.

One FSP company spokesperson was quoted as saying, “We have been receiving expressions of interest in our licensed Naltrexone Implant from a number of groups who are interested in our business model. And we believe that this model for growth is the fastest way to market our product with the lowest corporate entry cost.”

Currently, Fresh Start Private is trading in the $0.29 range. To learn more about FSP, visit the company’s website at: www.freshtartprivate.com