Fresh Start Private Management Inc., a company that strives through the alcohol treatment and rehabilitation industry, has announced that its alcohol treatment procedure has entered a contract with Aetna Health Management, LLC Individual and Family Plan Underwriting Department in order to gain approval for its alcohol treatment program.

Aetna Health Management, Inc. is a subsidiary of Aetna Health Holdings, LLC. Per terms of the contract, there is a commitment for prompt payment from the insurance company.

Fresh Start Private continues its journey to create a successful business model that enables its patients to be underwritten by their insurance companies; which in turn increases the market potential for its services for the 13.8 million Americans who suffer with problems from drinking, which includes the 8.1 million people who are suffering from alcoholism. The number of people treated for alcoholism has reached approximately 950,000 per year.

As previously announced by Fresh Start, the company continues to work with Blue Cross, Kaiser, Healthnet, CIGNA, United Healthcare, Anthem, SSI, Tri-West, MSI, and Presbyterian in order to have more patients approved for treatment for its cutting edge Naltrexone implant.

A spokesperson stated, “Aggressive, eye-level marketing is now being followed by direct sales that include a mix of tactics including building partnerships and developing new sales leads. With revenue potentials of up to $120 million a clinic, our goal is to be become the leader in alcohol treatment in the United States.”

Fresh Start Private Management Inc. is an alcohol addiction, alcohol withdrawal, treatment for alcohol abuse and detox rehabilitation company, leading on the edge of alcohol addiction treatment. The company offers extensive experience in alcohol addiction treatment, as it has successfully treated over 5,000 addiction patients for both drugs and alcohol. The company has created a comprehensive alcohol treatment program that includes all of the essential elements needed for a successful recovery.

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