With over 25 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet marketing solutions, Fresh Traffic an evolving pioneer of their industry. Today, Fresh Traffic announced that they have signed a service contract with Manrex Limited.

Manrex Limited is a world leader of medication delivery systems. With a reputation of trust and leadership, Manrex is a 100% owned Canadian company that has been a leader in their field since 1973.

One of the leaders at Manrex is Ben Szuuts who serves as the company’s sales manager. When asked why Manrex sought the services of Fresh Traffic, Szuuts was quoted as saying, “We did a comprehensive search and due diligence to select a SEO company to look after our needs, and we chose the Fresh Traffic Group, leaders in Internet SEO and SEM services. We feel Fresh Traffic Group has unmatched talent and knowledge to best represent Manrex as a world class leader in the health care market. We feel confident by working together we will conquer the challenges in this digital age.”

Currently, the Fresh Traffic Group is trading in the $0.20 range. To learn more about the Fresh Traffic Group, visit the company website at: www.freshtrafficgroup.com.