Freshwater Technologies Inc., an international marketer and distributor of chemical free drinking water purification systems, water softeners and commercial water activation systems, recently announced that the company’s water activation technology significantly improves vegetable crop growth. Utilizing this technology, greenhouse germination of tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, cucumbers and beans is increased within 12 hours.

Water activation reduces the surface tension of treated water and decreases the size of water molecules, allowing for greater delivery of fundamental plant nutrients such as iron, manganese, calcium, magnesium and copper. Greenhouse cultivation of vegetable crops creates the opportunity to produce crops year round within a highly controlled environment. Compared with traditional field crop practices, greenhouse methods produce a greater yield, quality and commercial value.

In addition, Freshwater Technologies is engaged in ongoing scientific lab testing of water activation of vegetable crops. Water activation effectively reduces rust, scale and corrosion, while improving energy efficiency due to the removal of mineral encrustations traditionally removed by regular harsh chemicals treatment. The company believes that agriculture greenhouse applications will provide a significant new marketing opportunity to complement its existing business model.