Friday, Freshwater Technologies Inc. proudly announced that its sales progress in Peru has reached significant levels. Company distributors have installed 10 FW water activators in refrigeration systems for a number of industrial and commercial sites.

FW water activation technology is used with cooling towers and evaporative condensers to provide air conditioning for facilities; the technology also aids in the production of ice for the hospitality and fishing industries. The use of an FW Activator has shown to reduce energy costs, ice cloudiness caused by calcium levels in the water, and an elimination of the cracking of the individual cubes. This superior quality of ice cubes is made possible by the effect of FW water activation on water used in ice cube manufacturing.

So far, Freshwater distributors have been successful in marketing the technology’s benefits. For consumers, FW water activation helps to improve energy consumption, which is important to many as energy costs continuously rise. Additionally, the systems remove mineral deposit build-ups and also include a ten-year manufacturer’s guarantee.