Freshwater Technologies Inc., the company known for its global marketing and distribution of commercial water activation systems, water softeners, and potable water purification systems which utilize chemical-free ultraviolet (UV) light energy and Japanese-developed water activation technology, proudly announced the signing of a consulting agreement with 25-year industry veteran Michael Borrelli.

Borrelli, with degrees in both operation management and production, has extensive background in a broad array of international operations and, as such, possesses the vision and core competencies to adroitly manage the complex tasks set before him by FWTC.
Borrelli will be seeking out potential new applications/markets for the Company’s innovative technologies, like the FWTC-branded water activation system that removes rust, corrosion and scale using a stainless steel cylinder containing ceramic balls, which both eliminate deposits and prevent deposits from forming.

FWTC also distributes the Guelph, Ontario-based VIQUA Environmental Impression series of water softeners, filters, and disinfection systems featuring industry-leading Strelight UV plus reverse osmosis and ozone treatment.

Borrelli will begin with a thorough assessment of the Company’s logistics and procurement infrastructure in order to calculate growth parameters for future business expansion. He will also undertake a review of the vendor and customer bases, in an effort to optimize the processing of orders.

Borrelli will also support FWTC’s vast network of agents and distributors in helping to streamline order execution, by formulating procedural approaches and policies which will regulate timely fulfillment within customer terms and conditions.

By completely going through the sales and rental commission apparatus to clearly identify that corporate bank accounts are tied directly to banking terms of payment arrangements at each site, Borrelli will be able to clarify operational methodologies and better assist officers of the Company in selecting information management systems and identifying mission-critical data segments where the need for regular reporting is preeminent to success.

With a focus of capitalizing on serious momentum built up in recent years, FWTC looks to leverage the experience of Borrelli to supercharge marketing, sales and distribution expansion in 2010, during which the Company looks toward truly breakout performance thanks to their superb positioning in FW-branded products and the latent potential that the heating and cooling installation markets, as well as indoor agribusiness and manufacturing sectors, will explode.