Spencer Lacey Ganus, the actress who portrayed Elsa in the hit Disney animated movie “Frozen” has revealed that she received a paltry salary for her part in the film, entertainment website TMZ reported this week.

TMZ revealed that the 15-year-old Ganus was given just a one-day guaranteed payment of $926.20, for her part in the most successful animated movie of all time, according to a copy of her contract that was filed with a California court. Her remuneration amounts to .000077 percent of the film's $1.3 billion box office takings.

However, Ganus' performance in the film was relatively brief. Her time voicing the character amounted to just four lines of dialogue and 30 seconds of footage in the final 102-minute cut of the film, according to CNBC

Ganus' character was also voiced by three different actresses: her character as a little girl was voiced by actress Eva Bella, and actress Idina Menzel portrayed her grown-up, snow queen incarnation.

Ganus has also featured as a vocal talent in the animated features “Ice Age,” “Happy Feet,” and “South Park,” in which she played the role of infant Ike Broflovski.

Frozen, which is based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale “The Snow Queen,” surpassed Disney's Toy Story 3 in March to become the highest-grossing animated film of all time, more than recouping its relatively meager $150 million budget, according to Mail Online.