Soaring airfares have some travelers worried they'll stay grounded this summer.CaSandra Minichiello, 37, said getting away from her home in Clarkston, Georgia, is difficult to imagine when international flights -- nearly identical to those she booked in recent years -- are hundreds of dollars more expensive.

In 2008, I went to Rome for about $1,200, but those prices have grown by about $500 for the same time frame, she said. I'm disappointed, a bit angry. I understand that economic factors cause a lot of price increases, but it just seems like regardless, people want to travel and will usually fork up the extra costs. It's almost like the airlines are taking advantage of that.

There's no denying airline operating costs have gone up.The cost of refining oil has doubled in the past two or three months, said CEO Rick Seaney. When the cost of fuel rises, so do surcharges and ticket prices.

This month, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Australia's Qantas Airways and other international carriers raised fuel surcharges on flights abroad by as much as $200. Smaller increases -- from $4 to $10 -- have been added by American carriers on domestic routes.

Source: CNN