A man in the UK who escaped prison and is now updating his status message on Facebook, telling the world what his life as a fugitive.

Craig Lynch, 28, escaped Hollesley Bay prison in England in September, and since then, he has continued to update his Facebook status regularly. He shares information like what he just ate and who he wants to date, while leaving no trace as to where he is.

A Police spokeswoman said they are trying to use clues left by Lynch on his Facebook to track down where the convicted burglar may be hiding, according to CNN.

We have spoken to Facebook and we are trying to trace him from the information we have, but it's one of those things that we're also asking for help from members of the public, said Suffolk police spokesperson Anne-Marie Breach.

Lynch was serving a seven-year prison term for aggravated burglary.

mmm i just had a 12lb venison steak. Roasted veg and chips, bangin meal. I feel stuffed but still got room for the j.d's . Hope you enjoyed the meal babe's. We'll have to eat here again Lynch wrote on his wall.

In another post, he wrote The hotel staff haven't even clocked which was the only thing I've been paranoid about all day!