Fujitsu Limited has developed new 2.5 -inch hard disk drives which are designed for 24-hours of continuous operation and are available in storage capacities of up to 200 GB.

In an announcement released late Tuesday, the company said its new drives will feature built vibration compensation technology that anticipates vibration disturbances, and counteracts them to maximize performance.

The technology allows the drives to run continuously, the company said, making them ideal for ATM's, surveillance equipment, and other applications.

24x7 non-disruptive service is an essential factor in modern business, as even small amounts of business downtime can affect your bottom-line, said Joel Hagberg, vice president, marketing and business development, Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.

The drives, the same size as those found inside notebook computers, will come in capacities between 40-gigabytes to 200-gigabytes, enough room for about 600 songs.

They are expected to ship in August.