The house just got a little fuller. A new promotional video for Netflix’s forthcoming series “Fuller House” was released Friday, and we have to admit the 14-second trailer left us feeling pretty nostalgic as we reunited with our favorite San Francisco family who we last saw in 1995.

In the video, fans watch as D.J. (Candace Cameron Bure) moves back into her childhood home with the help of her family, friends and even a beloved plush character. Oh, yeah, Joey’s (Dave Coulier) wisecracking sidekick from “Ranger Joe” is making his way back into the Tanners’ lives during the Netflix’s “Full House” reboot. But, according to reports, it won’t be the same Mr. Woodchuck that fans fell in love with in the original situation comedy.

In 2013, Coulier admitted during an interview with Mashable that although he didn’t take any items from Joey’s wacky wardrobe when the show ended, he did take Mr. Woodchuck. But it was while the puppet was in his care that the sassy doll met his untimely fate.

“I will tell you my dog ate his face off,” the actor said, revealing that his yellow Labrador retriever Ranger — how fitting is that? — gnawed on Mr. Woodchuck’s noggin. “I put Mr. Woodchuck at the end of the hallway here at my home, and when Ranger was a puppy, he would growl at Mr. Woodchuck. So one day I came home and I walked in the front door and I saw Mr. Woodchuck’s eye and a bunch of foam on the floor and my dog had basically eaten his face.”

But luckily for viewers, Mr. Woodchuck received a facelift and was spotted getting pulled out of a box held by Kimmy (Andrea Barber) in the “Fuller House” trailer.

In addition to the return of the iconic marionette, audiences can also expect several members of the original show’s cast — including Coulier, Bob Saget as Danny Tanner, John Stamos as Uncle Jesse, Lori Loughlin as Becky and Scott Weigner as Steve — to appear in the reboot, along with some friendly new faces. Actress Soni Nicole Bringas will play Kimmy’s daughter Ramona, and D.J.’s three boys, Jackson, Max and Tommy Jr., will be respectively portrayed by Michael Campion, Elias Harger and the Messitt twins, according to E News.

Are you ready for the Tanners’ house to get even fuller? All 13 episodes of “Fuller House” will stream on Netflix Friday, Feb. 26.