In Season 1 of “Fuller House,” D.J. left viewers with a cliffhanger when she couldn’t decide between pick Steve or Matt. “If it’s this hard for me to decide, I must not be ready for a serious relationship,” D.J. said in “Love Is in the Air.” Now, it appears that D.J. has finally made her decision and we’ll find out in the show’s second season on Netflix. 

In an interview with Hollywood Life, actress Candance Cameron Bure revealed that D.J. has picked her partner, but she’s sure the decision will split fans of the series. “There’s still a lot of relationship issues with Steve and Matt, but she does choose someone this season,” Bure, 40, told the website. “Half of the [fans] will be, I think it’s pretty split down the center as to who the fans like! They love both guys, but they’re different’.”

If you need a “Fuller House” refresher on the characters, Steve (Scott Weinger) is D.J.’s ex-boyfriend who dates all the way back to the original “Full House.” After an unsuccessful marriage, Steve tries to get back with D.J. As for Matt (John Brotherton), he’s D.J.’s co-worker at the veterinary hospital and the feelings the two have for each other are mutual.

Bure appears to be happy with the decision her character makes in the upcoming season but teases that more “twists and turns” are on the way. “There’s always twists and turns, and I know what’s to come, so we’ll always keep you guessing,” she said. “But things may change!”

While a release date for the Season 2 premiere has yet to be revealed, filming of the season has finished. In an interview with E! News in July, Bure said the second season should premiere this winter. “You cannot confirm this, but I think we’re going to be released at the end of the year, maybe December.”