Is Michelle Tanner returning to “Fuller House”? That’s what fans of the Netflix series questioned after the “Full House” reboot was renewed for a second season. And viewers weren’t the only ones wondering if Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen would reprise the iconic role of Danny's (Bob Saget) youngest daughter. The series’ creator, Jeff Franklin, is also hopeful that the twins will return after sitting out of the freshman installment.

“I’m hoping that if we do [get another season], maybe the Olsen twins will come and visit,” he told People magazine, adding that the door is “always” open for them to return home.

Although the Olsen twins have not commented on whether they’ll reunite with the Tanner family on the small screen, their younger sister, Elizabeth Olsen, has addressed rumors stating her involvement in the reboot.

At the Los Angeles premiere of her movie “I Saw the Light,” the 27-year-old actress admitted to catching the first “Fuller House” episode (which she deemed was “great”) and acknowledged rumors that she was given an offer to portray Michelle.

"If I did, I'm pretty sure no one on my team heard it," she told E! News. "I don't know where that started."

Turns out, Franklin was the one who ignited those rumors. In January, the producer divulged to the outlet that after the Olsen twins declined the opportunity to return, he considered offering the gig to their younger sister.

“In our moment of disappointment, John Stamos and I talked about what to do and we thought for a moment, what if? We’ve known Elizabeth since she was a little girl,” he said, revealing that he “made a call to Elizabeth’s agent.” But after thinking it through, Franklin decided that is “was not a really good idea.”

Netflix renewed “Fuller House” for a second season in March. The exciting announcement was confirmed through a sweet trailer that, yes, even featured a photo of Michelle in a sweet, family portrait.