We always post our weekly most popular blog entries in the right margin so if you are ever interested in what is attracting the most interest just sneak a peek there.  With quite a few new readers of late I though it would be convenient to list some of our more popular posts of the past 60 days.

In case you missed it... here are posts readers were most interested in

(I) Pundit Related Posts

  1. Julian Robertson: US 'May Face Armageddon' if China, Japan Don't Buy US Debt - here 
  2. Marc Faber Video, August 2009 - here (note: one of the best videos of truthiness I've ever seen)
  3. Paolo Pellegrini, Formerly of John Paulson's Hedge Fund on Bloomberg - here
  4. Doug Kass Interview at RealClearMarkets - here 
  5. Barton Biggs: Only Halfway Through Stock Market Rebound - here
  6. Kyle Bass Hayman Capital October Letter to Investors - here

(II) Non Pundit Posts

  1. Largest Gold Reserves by Country - here
  2. Citigroup in 2006: America a Modern Day Plutonomy - here
  3. Mutual Fund Investors Cling to Safety of Bonds, Missing Stock Rally - here 
  4. YouTube: Debtors Revolt Begins Now; Barney Frank Flummoxed by the Oligarchs - here
  5. A Real Breakdown or a Trap of the Bears? Do We Rally Sharply Wednesday? - here
  6. Do the Bottom 80% of Americans Stand a Chance? - here (note: this is our most popular post of all time)