The shiny metal is still on the way to rise and shine again, yet it faces some strong resistances on the way now from 935 till 950, and if it is going to climb above those levels it needs to gather some more momentum, so the theory says gold prices should get back again to at least 919 or 910 to be able to climb again and reach above 950$ per ounce.

The trading range is among the key support level at 907.00 and the key resistance level at 945.00.

The general trend is to the upside as far as 810.00 remains intact; targets are set at 1080.00 and 1170.00.

Resistance927.50 931.00 932.50 935.20 937.40


Sell gold below 930 with a target at 919 and a stop loss above 934.50.