Silver declined as well after achieving its target around 17.70 heading back now towards the 16.35 level again, which now almost provides a solid range fior the metal, with a low limit at 16.35-20 and a upper limit at 17.70, and it is not a wonder if the metals continue this movement in the range till the end of this year as most metals are expected to play in ranges.

The trading range is among the key support level at 16.35nd the key resistance level at 17.70.

The general trend is to the upside as far as 13.20 remains intact, with targets at 22.00 and 25.00.

Resistance16.65 16.70 16.89 17.01 17.05


Buy silver at 16.35 with a target at 16.70 and a stop loss below 16.20