Industrial Production

DefinitionIndustrial production is a gauge to the levels of change in the overall output from various sectors such as the mining, quarrying, energy, construction and the energy sector. This report is released on a monthly basis by the Federal Statistical Office Germany
General EffectThe production levels varies in each economic status that the economy goes through, if the economy is expanding then the levels of production must reach high levels, so we use the levels production just to predict any expansion or contraction in an economy. This figure does not usually move markets where it’s just used in the analysis to see in what state the economy stands in. 
Best Case ScenarioGermany is scheduled to release its industrial production in which expectations show will rise and the best case scenario would be if the reading were to come in higher than projections because then this means higher domestic and aboard demand therefore helping economic growth.
Worst Case ScenarioThe worst case scenario would be if industrial production dipped as this will mean that demand is still weak while a weaker manufacturing sector therefore this will hold back a full economic recovery in the nation despite the government measures of applying a stimulus package worth 85 billion euros.