NewsPreviousForecastAnalysisCrude stabilized above $83.00 per barrel supported by improved investors' risk appetite in markets, after stock markets rose due to positive company data in the first quarter, which reduces fears regarding the debt crisis in Greece.

Crude open around $83.75 per barrel achieving its highest around $83.82 and lowest around $83.35 per barrel, it is currently trading around $83.66 per barrel. Oil prices yesterday closed higher recording $83.70 and gained by $0.31 from the previous day.

Meanwhile, the Dow Jones has been beaten by industrial stock in the US stock market, where it rose by 9.37 or by 0.08% recording 11134.29; whereas Nikkei 225 dropped 34.63 by 0.32% to close around 10914.46.

On another note, markets yesterday were jittery regarding the Greek debt crisis as the EU revealed that the debt could reach as much as 14.00% from the overall GDP for last year, in addition to increasing fears of Greece unable to reduce the risk appetite in markets as commodity selling is occurring at the same time demand has risen on the dollar took the euro to its lowest in a year.