Historical Prices for Gold in a Row!

Gold won't stop recording historical new prices, ignoring any movements by the dollar or crude; without being tied to stock markets or with main commodity indices and other precious metals; meanwhile, gold managed to rise each day throughout this week, where we see that the strong bullish trend hasn't halted since the end of last month.

This points out that demand on gold is organized, which includes a request for a safe haven due to the unclear global economy situation, alongside worries about strong bearish correction occurring in commodity and stock markets; thereby attracting investors to the market. However, demand on gold was not limited to investors or portfolio managers, other countries also purchased gold throughout the previous period; where India purchased 200 metric tons of gold from the from the international monetary fund, as well as other numerous sides like global commercial banks demanding gold as a hedge against fears of low exchange rates, or possible problems within banking sectors.

In yesterday's session; gold recorded its highest price at $1119.00 per ounce, despite the very narrow trading and lower than usual trading rates. However, today it continued climbing to achieve its highest around $1123.00 per ounce, a new record breaking price for gold. At the moment, we see gold trading with gains by 0.23% at 1119.40, precisely at 02:49 EST; following the spike seen yesterday by 0.99%.

Meanwhile, throughout the New York trading session; main commodity indices fell, where the S&P GSCI index recorded a decline by 4.94 points at 508.42; whereas numerous other indices declined despite of crude rising yesterday. Today, crude plummeted meanwhile we see precious metals still maintaining its positivity, despite of the dollar rising against a basket of foreign currencies.

As we pointed out today; gold is trading at 1119.40, while silver is also trading at 17.60, precisely at 02:49. Also, silver recorded a major rise by 1.56% yesterday, where platinum followed and achieved gains by 1.48% to currently trade at 1377.00 after gaining 0.51% today as well.

On the other hand, traders see that the direction towards precious metals is the safest due to fears of commodity and stock indices falling. Despite of the possible exit the global economy is witnessing out of economic recession, where the question about the when will the economy revive and stabilize still remains; thus, making traders revaluate their position towards the fair price for stocks compared to the global stock markets, hence making them jittery about the possibility of a bearish correction. This situation also applies to the major spike commodity indices and commodities themselves faced, compared to the rise in economic data released by the major countries; stating that there is hope in exiting this recession but do not point to the economy stabilizing.

Presently, gold has managed to daily record its highest prices in history; however, we should not rule out correctional waves, since gold now is overbought, but at the same time we still see that the medium long term for it maintain bullish with a high possibility of witnessing more historical prices. On the other hand, global interest rates are low, alongside the continuing policies of quantitative easing, which had caused trader to expect a decline in purchasing power for the currency, although consumer price indices in major countries; reducing the currency's purchasing power. From a different stand point, we see that unemployment rates rose throughout the world, where in the U.S. it had topped its highest on record; more than 10.2% in 1983, as the purchasing power is seen lower for the average individual in the community, pushing numerous sides into finding a safe haven; where gold seems the shiniest between metals with the highest share of demand.

Some expectations point to gold prices at $1500 per ounce throughout a period that is no more than a year; whereas some move away to point to a possible $5000 per ounce in the upcoming ten years! We should not rule out this possibility, since everything is expected in financial markets. However, by looking at current facts; gold still maintains targeting $1195.00 per ounce on the medium term, but this is considered to be a tough target that might witness precious metals' ascending journey; since they are now overbought and we could witness numerous bearish correctional waves. We hold onto these medium term expectations that point to more possible bullish trends is current high economic variables stabilize, where the most important is the lower interest rate and quantitative easing policies, alongside the dollar plummeting against a basket of foreign currencies.