wants to do something that nobody else is doing. It wants to be for the fund industry what is for banking, what is for the mortgage sector, and what is for credit cards. Specifically, it wants to be the nation’s vertically-focused online investor resource for the fund investor.

It’s a huge and underserved market. Each year, hundreds of billions of dollars flow into investment funds of all kinds. The U.S. mutual fund industry is now in the trillions of dollars, accounting for nearly half of the global mutual fund total. Funds obviously have a broad appeal to investors, but third party distribution of funds has largely been a function of financial advisors, dependent on in-person client meetings and other inefficient marketing methods. taps into the continued growing popularity of the Internet as a preferred source of vertical marketplace information. The increasing complexity of investment instruments is expected to feed demand for financial information. By delivering the kind of comprehensiveness, relevance, and efficiency not otherwise available, is already becoming the one place to go for fund investor information.

To ensure that they get the job done, the company has focused on four key elements to keep investors (and fund companies) coming back.

• Bringing together a wide range of fund related content
• Ease of use and clarity of communication
• Unbiased information to build solid investor trust
• Relevant, accessible, and in-depth educational content

The site provides information and services relating to mutual funds, hedge funds, money market funds, exchange traded funds, closed-end funds, commodity funds, and various other pooled investments. The company also researches and develops asset management products, including fund investment indexes and related index-linked investment products, licensing this intellectual property through its subsidiary Managed Products Inc. In addition, the company plans to acquire asset managers, hedge funds, mutual funds, ETF issuers, investment product developers, and fund service providers, all through its other subsidiary Capital Inc. is rapidly staking its claim as the resource focal point for all fund investors, and as a prime source of targeted traffic for the fund industry.

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