(FNDM) subsidiary, AdvisorShares, can now maximize leverage from its proprietary exchange-traded fund platform and worldwide distribution capacity, providing FNDM the ability to offer hedge funds and actively-managed ETFs to retail and institutional customers on a global scale, thanks to the recent acquisition of Weston Capital Management, a fund of funds (FoF) and single-manager hedge fund developer (actively engaged in raising capital to seed new hedges).

CEO of FNDM, Gregory Webster, noted the abundant, parallel synergies between AdvisorShares and the West Palm Beach, Florida-based Weston Capital, which possesses the global footprint that will prove indispensible to capitalizing on the framework provided by AdvisorShares.

CEO of AdvisorShares, Noah Hamman, clearly stated his company’s strategic emphasis on Active ETFs which feature unique investment tactics, a strategy that seeks to exploit the massive demand from a growing number of investors for this sort of offering with an “alternative bent”, in a recent interview with online periodical ActiveETFs | InFocus.

Hamman also described how well Weston and AdvisorShares meshed, calling them “perfectly complementary”, and stating his heightened anticipation to originate new ETFs and help other managers launch their own while really pushing out into the global marketplace with the aid of “expertise of Weston Capital’s established sales force”.

CEO of Weston Capital, Albert Hallac, foresees great potential for optimum sector expansion and asset acquisition yielded from extending the existing seeding platform to incorporate development and initiation of new actively managed ETFs, and projected raising $250M to seed funds and ETFs via Partners III, Weston’s third incubation fund.

This outstanding news follows fast on the heels of a recent announcement by FNDM that AdvisorShares has launched 2 new Active ETFs, which seek to attain results similar to prior successes in February with an ETF characterized by Hallac as having a “deep value contrarian approach to the credit markets, foregoing relative value and new issue participation in favour of absolute returns”.

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