Inc. is a financial services information publisher and product developer focused on establishing a destination website of personal finance channels that provide investment information and services covering mutual funds, hedge funds, money market funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), closed end funds, commodity funds and other types of pooled investment vehicles.

Combining a powerful media network with the origination and distribution of investment fund products, the company is uniquely positioned at the center of the pooled investment solutions arena for both the mass and institutional markets. Targeting the global $60 trillion investment fund market, provides the public with an online vertical marketplace and a search directory for investment fund information.

In addition to its focus on connecting investors to investments, the company researches and develops fund investment indexes and related index-linked investment products, and licenses this intellectual property through its subsidiary Managed Products Inc. The company also plans to acquire asset managers, hedge funds, mutual funds, ETF issuers, investment product developers and fund service providers through its subsidiary Capital Inc.

Comprised of seasoned and successful experts across the Financial Services and Internet Industry, is committed to its mission of providing investment information on both traditional and leading edge products to a new generation of investors. Aspiring to create a superior center of excellence in fund management education and investment solutions, the company is well positioned to capitalize on today’s rapidly changing market.

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