Inc. is an online financial services company with a focus on the investment fund market. The company’s target market is the millions of individual investors who are interested in purchasing funds. One specific investing area that the company has heavily focused on is the exchange traded funds (ETFs) market.

The company’s 60%-owned subsidiary, AdvisorShares Investments LLC, is a developer and distributor of actively managed exchange traded funds. The goal of AdvisorShares is to be a global investment management firm with innovative products and services that provide investors access to best of breed money managers. The firm will differentiate itself from others in the financial services space by a unique set of characteristics – innovation, transparency and diversification.

AdvisorShares’ approach to innovation takes an existing financial services product – exchange traded funds – and improves them with subtle, yet noticeable enhancements that investors are currently seeking. Small improvements in the company’s products and services will ensure that they are consistently innovating in the marketplace.

Another aspect of AdvisorShares’ approach is transparency and education. The company places a great amount of importance on continuous communication as the foundation of its education strategy. It feels that an individual’s money is too important for that individual not to know what it is invested in. AdvisorShares feels that technology and modern-day capital markets should allow for better pricing and better transparency. An individual should know immediately where his or her investments are and information on these investments should be available at a moment’s notice.

The company also believes that an individual should understand how to diversify a portfolio in order to reach his or her financial goals. Historically, investors have diversified between stocks and bonds, but now they have to learn to diversify internationally as well. Proper diversification may also mean diversifying into commodities and real estate too. Furthermore, AdvisorShares believes diversification extends to different investment managers with different investment approaches. The company’s products and services will allow individual investors to do just that with ease.

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