, Inc.,, announced today that majority-owned subsidiary AdvisorShares Investments, LLC – which offers a turnkey platform that leverages actively managed ETFs, launched its first actively managed long/short ETF – the Mars Hill Global Relative Value ETF (GRV).

A first of its kind, GRV is an actively managed long/short ETF which utilizes the “Relative Value” methodology engineered by sub-advisor Mars Hill Partners, LLC (SEC-registered affiliate of Huntley Thatcher Ellsworth, Ltd.).

Unprecedented capitalization on the spread between long and short positions, with enhanced resistance to both downside volatility and global equity market influence, makes the essential long/short structure very attractive.

By combining long positions in the best ETFs with an equal amount shorted in the worst ETFs (by country, sector, and industry), this structure is able to bridge the troubled waters of fluctuating markets due to the prevalence of these relative value spreads irrespective of market conditions, and can even potentially lead to more consistent returns than just holding long.

Founder and CEO of AdvisorShares, Noah Hamman, characterized GRV’s investment strategy as being of “institutional-caliber”, and pointed out how its design is engineered to produce consistent positive returns despite the direction of the stock market or interest rates.

Founder and CEO of Mars Hill Partners, Jason Huntley, sees the opportunity to open this door to investors as a rare chance for access to what is traditionally only available through separate accounts or private hedge funds.

Huntley expressed his enthusiasm to be working with AdvisorShares in packaging and launching GRV, and cited the prowess of the investment strategy, especially when combined with daily liquidity (in addition to tax efficiency and the full transparency of a NYSE-listed ETF) as major pluses for interested parties who want to get involved in a real return engine.