Legendary funk pioneer, singer, songwriter, bandleader and producer George Clinton will publish his memoir next spring with Atria Books, Rolling Stone reports.

In what is guaranteed to be a page-turner, the 72-year-old music great will recount his colorful and eventful life, from his beginnings singing with a doo-wop group in the late 1950s, to his days as a staff writer at Motown, and his dominance in the 70s as the leader and mastermind of legendary collective Parliament & Funkadelic.

Novelist and New Yorker editor Ben Greenman, who collaborated with drummer Questlove of the Roots on his forthcoming book "Mo Meta Blues: The World According to Questlove," has been tapped to helm the project.

"Clinton's life is every bit as outrageous, revolutionary and intoxicating as his music," said Malaika Adero, VP and Senior Editor at Atria Books.

No topic will be off limits, as the book will also tackle Clinton's decades-long struggle with drug addiction, in addition to his legal battles over song royalties and copyrights.

"They can take what they can take, but they can't take my story," said Clinton in a statement.

The funkster, the second most sampled artist in hip-hop behind James Brown according to Okayplayer, has been in the news lately, with plans to document his ongoing courtroom battles and family life in a new reality show.

In an interview with Uncut magazine, Clinton explains: "I'm doing a reality show with my family, with my son Tracy, my six grandkids, Scott Thompson, Brandi - it's a big family thing. A bit like The Osbournes but most of them are, like, musicians, rappers and everything. We got to come up with new ways to get the music across, so we're doing this reality show. So we can expose all the noses out there, stealing the copyrights and taking people's music and money. This is all gonna be part of the reality show, the copyright fight, plus we still kicking ass onstage."