For millions of Americans achieving the perfect body is a full time blood, sweat and tears undertaking.

But for self -styled world's greatest eater Furious Pete, all it takes to go from overweight blob to muscle bound hulk is a bag of chips, diet soda, chocolate milk and cooking oil.

Using a series of bizarre tips and tricks, furious Pete shows how go from a flabby before look to a buff after in just 5-hours .

First of all viewers are advised to hit the gym and pump as much iron as possible.

The first step is to reverse the process. Go to the gym and do as many bicep curls, tricep push-downs and chest presses.

 Make sure you are as vascular as humanly possible.

Budding hulks are then advised to hit the tanning bed, before rubbing themselves in cooking oil for that extra slick, muscle-enhancing look.

And to achieve the flabby before picture, all you have to do is eat and rest.

Recommending a gut-busting diet of chocolate milk, diet soda and chips, the aim is to look as bloated as humanly possible.

Pete adds: Take two hours off, you worked hard. Rest up and make sure the vascularity disappears.

Grab a bag of chips and down all of them.

Grab yourself a two-litre bottle of pop and drink it all. Diet pop works even better because it has more carbonation and will make your stomach even bigger.