Fine Jewelry: The sheer amount of unique and individual designs by Furrer-Jacot is astonishing; each ring seemingly more distinct and impressive than the last. The bold lines of their rings not only make an immediate impact, but raise your level of expectations of engagement rings all around.

From combining precious metals such as rose and yellow gold in one band to expanding the standard size of a wedding band to an unprecedented 7 mm, Furrer-Jacot has been busy changing the way we look at wedding rings for both men and women, and learning to expect a lot more from them than just a beautiful and luxurious aesthetic.


When a company has been in business as long as Furrer-Jacot, and in such an exclusive and competitive industry as the luxury jewelry arena, you can expect a higher level of craftsmanship and execution. Furrer-Jacot makes this point with every new design.

The latest look to be added to the ranks of exceptionally designed engagement rings is the group appropriately labeled Les Essentiels. These rings make their impact not with endless details and small, immaculate design elements, but with a sleek, clean look.

Furrer-Jacot designer Lucas Ruppli has succeeded in bringing our attention back to the beauty of the diamond with his latest collection comprised of solitaire rings. The brilliant stone is set slightly up and apart from the band, so as to feature the stone while retaining the overall minimalist look of the ring.

The execution of design performed, time and time again, by Furrer-Jacot lends their designs complete individuality and a place amongst the elite ring designers. As a leader and innovator, the brand has made itself a designer for the consumer.

Couples are encouraged to make their Furrer-Jacot wedding bands even more unique by customizing not only the center stone's cut and carat, but choose specific looks in the Ringdividuell collection. Five choices of precious metals are available including white, yellow and rose gold as well as platinum and palladium, all of which are available in further customization with a myriad of finishes. Further, band-widths between 2 and 7 mm in four different shapes are available, along with a choice of accompanying stones.

width=202 Since its establishment in 1858, Furrer-Jacot has raised the bar with its exceptional and exclusive designs, each a testimony to the skilled craftsman behind the execution and the unique couple that wears the rings and bands. With the continuing release of distinctive designs, the brand heads into Fall 2009 with an always strengthening portfolio of luxurious and acclaimed pieces sure to capture the hearts of couples and critics alike.