Jewelry represents an important method of personal expression for those who choose to wear it. Whether being used to commemorate a significant achievement, as an aesthetic declaration, or as a symbol for personal convictions, jewelry is a unique adornment. Wedding bands are arguably the most important jewelry item a person will own, and it follows that they should be carefully considered and chosen.

There are endless styles and variations of wedding bands depending upon metal type, width, style and a slough of other factors. Your wedding band choice will be the most meaningful symbol of your love and commitement for a lifetime to come.

The Swiss based jewelry house of Furrer-Jacot understands the paramount significance of bridal jewelry, and they craft wedding bands which do justice to the tradition of love and marriage. Using the finest materials combined with expert craftsmanship and technology, Furrer-Jacot produces some of the most extraordinary wedding bands available.

From painstakingly rendered hand-engraving to striking finish techniques, each Furrer-Jacot wedding band is handcrafted to your exact specifications. With flexibility to choose a design style, width, finish type, and optional text engraving, Furrer-Jacot offers unparalleled choice and quality. Furthermore, engraved text can be hand executed, or by precision machinery depending upon your personal preference.

If you are searching for the perfect wedding band, consider the craftsmanship, design expertise and custom designability of Furrer-Jacot.