Micheal Cera as George Micheal Bluth

Just in case fans of "Arrested Development" feared they'd never see the Bluths in action again, the show's stars have taken to Twitter with photos to allay those fears.  

The cult classic's original run lasted for three seasons on Fox, from 2003-2006, but a dedicated fan base has been crying for more of Gob's magic tricks and Buster's hook-hand mishaps since the show went off the air.

In 2011, the show's creator, Mitch Hurwitz, gave Bluth enthusiasts hope with the encouraging-yet-vague promise that there would be a limited fourth season, TMZ reported.

Since then, details about "Arrested Development's" return have solidified, with The Huffington Post reporting in April that all ten episodes of the show's truncated fourth season will be released at once, on a yet-to-be determined date in 2013.

Still, the promise of more "Arrested Development" seems too good to be true for many fans, and as production gets under way, those the show's stars have been tweeting photographic evidence that they are truly coming back.

Ron Howard, a producer on the show and the familiar voice narrating the Bluth's antics, tweeted a photo of the writers' room earlier this month, decked out in wall-to-wall, multi-colored index cards (that hopefully contain at least a few more never-nude jokes).

Now, fans have been assured that the writers aren't the only ones who've returned to help shape the Bluth's model home.

Jason Bateman, aka Michael Bluth, tweeted two pictures of his on-screen son, George Michael (played by Michael Cera), on July 28. The photos of Cera, taken on the set where filming takes place, have the captions, "My son, arriving yesterday," and "A grandson, looking for his Gangee."

Now, the only question that remains is, exactly which day in 2013 can you schedule your "Welcome Back 'Arrested Development'!'" viewing party?