fusiongarage.com: Grid 10 from Fusion Garage (Grid 4 Smartphone in the inset)

Fusion Garage unveiled its 10-inch Grid 10 tablet on Monday which was presented as an alternative to Apple's and Google's hold on the tablet market.

Fusion Garage, a Singapore electronics company, was a flop last year with a device called the JooJoo. The company has spent the past year trying to build a tablet that will attract customers, and this week showed it off.

The device is known as Grid 10, which refers to the operating system (called Grid OS). The device is based on Android Linux kernel which is a bridge between the hardware and the apps. The tablet goes on sale next month and will be followed by a smart phone, the Grid 4, in the fourth quarter.


fusiongarage.com: Grid 10 from Fusion Garage

“GridOS is a groundbreaking operating system that features many first-of-its-kind functionalities. It reinvents touch computing from the ground up. Its user interface is unlike anything out there. It’s a groundbreaking, visceral experience,” the description in the website reads. “GridOS is stunning, smart, social and transportable. It features a groundbreaking animations engine. Every feature had been rethought and made better. Web Surfing, Email, Video, Music, Photos, Home Screen Navigation and more. It’s like nothing you have experienced before and it’s what makes Grid10 an exhilarating experience.”

The device is said to be powered by an Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core 1.2GHz processor with 512MB of RAM. The integrated storage is limited to 16GB, but can be expanded using microSD cards. The screen resolution is of 1366x768 pixels, making it ideal for HD content. The user can open the lock screen of the Grid 10 by signing his signature with his finger.

The company said that the tablet will be able to run Android apps and goes on sale Sept. 15 at $499 for a 16-GB, Wi-Fi-only version, or $599 for a version that adds a 3G connection. The new device will enter a market that is already dominated by Apple’s iPad, the official website reported.

Grid10_Video_gallery_0812 from Grid on Vimeo.