Fusion Garage is back in the headlines these days, hoping to put the dark days of the CrunchPad/ JooJoo behind them with a brand new Grid 10 tablet and Grid 4 smartphone.

But not before trying their hand at some viral marketing. The TabCo campaign created a fake Tablet Company and inundated Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook with mysterious Gabbo-style ads -- not to mention some good old-fashioned skywriting during Apple's WWDC 2011, featuring the subtle slogan Forget the Fruit -- Go TabCo.

Singapore-based Fusion Garage is definitely motivated to create a new sort of image, after being responsible (some might say infamous) for last year's JooJoo tablet. The saga of the JooJoo started with months of anticipation and frustration, via price increases, shipping delays, and a Winklevii-worthy lawsuit by CrunchPad project originator Michael Arrington of TechCrunch. When the JooJoo did finally become available, the tablet caused months (or at least weeks) of frustration as the few people that bought one struggled to do iPad-like things with it.

However, once Fusion Garage CEO Chandra Rathakrishnan stopped taking his anger out on Apple (saying that the iPad was nothing but another storage device with web capabilities and that an app store sells stripped down versions of actual websites), he and his team went back to the drawing board and produced two new devices that are so far garnering some pleasantly surprised (although understandably cautious) advance reviews.

The $499 Grid-10 tablet utilizes a 1.2Ghz dual-core Nvidia Tegra2 processor, 512MB of memory, a 10.1” widescreen capacitive touch screen at 1366 x 768 (a 16:9 aspect ratio), WiFi, Bluetooth, and optional 3G (for $100 more), a 1.3MP camera on the front, GPS, and 16GB storage.

The $399 (unlocked) Grid-4 uses a 4”, 4-point capacitive touchscreen at 800 x 480, 3G and WiFi, and a pair of cameras (5MP on the rear, and 0.3MP on the front) plus 16GB of storage.

Both run GridOS, which is built on top of the Android kernel but possessing a character all it own (and, unfortunately, an inability to access the Android Market -- although third-party marketplaces like Amazon's App Store are still fine). With gestures, predictive capabilities, and an 'infinite desktop', the OS is certainly not short on innovative ideas.

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