SE Concepts, makers of the SpaCapsule integrated water massage and sensory stimulation system, has had a lot of good news over the past several months. The company signed a second major distribution agreement with Zen & O, this time targeting the lucrative North African market. They also signed with Aspire Consulting, a new distributor in the UK that anticipates supplying its own expanding chain of VibraLife Fitness Clinics. In addition, they’ve begun working on distributorship opportunities in Italy, Taiwan, China, Russia, and a number of other countries. Perhaps most importantly, results from an independent Dermscan study showed that SpaCapsule is measurably effective as a tool for weight and cellulite reduction, a fact that should help drive sales for a long time.

But the company is clearly not resting on the past, and recently laid out a string of goals that will be their focus for the upcoming year.

• Moving to a higher exchange – SE Concepts is currently listed as a Pink Sheet stock, but is seriously examining the possibility of uplisting to a higher level.

• Increasing sales – By embracing a distributor based sales model, the company will leverage its marketing efforts, an approach already proven successful with the previous Zen & O agreement.

• FDA recognition – Although SpaCapsule is well known in the medical community, the company wants formal recognition from the FDA as to the therapeutic benefits of the SpaCapsule.

• Reducing production costs – The company plans to expand development and manufacturing facilities, investing in tooling, stamping, and molding equipment, to increase efficiencies and lower per unit costs.

• Scale up financing – Increased incoming business will allow SE Concepts to line up prudent and conservative financial relationships as needed to make critical infrastructure investments.

• Supporting business partners – The company feels strongly about supporting their distributors and independent business owners around the world, by providing lucrative incentives and sophisticated service provider software.

• Continued innovatation – SE Concepts has every intention of keeping SpaCapsule on top as the world’s premier self-contained massage and sensory system, through ongoing development and improvement.

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