METALS: 12/01/09 Higher settlements Monday for copper, gold, silver and platinum. All of the metals continue to look strong overall gold leading the way. There's not much else to say at this time except try to be careful since the public is heavily long and any bad news could cause an overreaction to the downside.


CURRENCIES: 12/01/09 Kind of a mixed day with the Euro Fx, Japanese yen, Canadian and Aussie dollar closing higher while the Swiss Franc, British pound and dollar index settling lower. The euro and franc continue to be in long-term up-trends with the franc making a new contract high. The yen made a new CONTRACT HIGH CLOSE again pretty much telling the story for this currency. The Canadian dollar settled higher this time with support under 9400 basis the December contract and needing to close over 9600 to help verify a continuation of its move higher. Lately the dollar has been somewhat choppy. The pound closed lower and now is forming a potentially huge top but still in an uptrend overall. The Aussie dollar closed higher while basically in a sideways pattern since the middle of October but still in an up-trend overall. The dollar closed lower but did rally to settle near its session's highs. However, the dollar didn't act well off the Dubai news as one would expect.

FINANCIALS: 12/01/09 Higher close for eurodollars, notes and bonds. The eurodollar bounced back from Friday's action with the notes and bonds making their highest closes since April. All are still in uptrends at this time. I hold technical Buy Signals for the Notes and Bonds.