Comments for February 12, 2010

Looking Ahead to Friday by reflecting back on Thursday's trading action


Today, Friday, February 12, 2010, trading floor sessions close regular times but some contracts close early for Globex session only.
All times shown are Chicago (Central) time

Friday, February 12, 20109
CME Group/CBOT & CME: Stock index futures close regular time. Commodity products close regular times. Currency, interest rate, financial products & Forestry products close regular times for trading floor session; but early 3:15 pm close for Globex session.
CME Group/NYMEX & COMEX: Energies & metals will close trading floor hours at regular times. Early Globex close at 3:15 pm.
ICE Futures US: Regular trading floor hours. Dollar Index & Russell contracts close at 3:15 pm on electronic platform.

Sunday, Feb. 14, 2010
CME Group: Livestock remain closed until 5:00 pm on Monday. Grains (incl KCBOT & MGEX) remain closed until 6:00 pm on Monday. Regular 5:00 pm Globex open for metals, energies, currencies, stock indices, CME interest rate products; 5:30 pm for CBOT financial products.
ICE: ICE will open electronic trading for financial and stock index products (Softs are closed) Sunday evening.

Monday, Feb. 15, 2010 (Presidents' Day)
All U.S. futures exchanges closed for trading floor (open outcry) session.
CME Group: Noon trading halt for financial, interest rate & currency products. Trading resumes at 5:00pm (5:30 pm for CBOT financials). Metals & energies trading halt at 12:15 pm; trading resumes at 5:00 pm. Stock index futures halt trading at 10:30 am; resume at 5:00 pm. Livestock remains closed until 5:00 pm, Monday. GSCI & Grains (incl KCBOT & MGEX) remain closed until 6:00 pm on Monday.
ICE: US Dollar Index will close at noon. Electronic Softs trading closed. Stock index products will close at 10:30 am.
NYSE Liffe US: Precious metals & MSCI index contracts closed; will re-open 6:16 pm Monday.

Trades made on Feb. 14 & 15 are for Trade Date February 16.
All times shown are Chicago (Central) time.