ENERGIES: 4/29/10 Higher closes yesterday for natural gas, crude and heating oil along with the rbob. While the crude, heat and rbob are in bull markets the crude has been trending lower over the last three weeks while the heat and rbob have been consolidating. Also, crude is in a very strong support area while gas made its highest high since March 18th gradually working towards a buy signal at this time. BUY SIGNALS FOR CRUDE, HEAT AND THE RBOB. SELL SIGNAL FOR NATURAL GAS . CALL FOR DETAILS!

FINANCIALS: 4/29/10 Lower closes Wednesday for the notes and bonds while higher for the eurodollars this time but no changes technically. The eurodollars still have a TRIPLE TOP and broke out of its trading range to the downside giving me a sell signal on Monday while the bonds and notes gave back some of its sharp gains on Monday when they broke out convincingly. BUY SIGNALS FOR NOTES AND BONDS. SELL SIGNAL FOR THE EURODOLLARS. CALL FOR DETAILS!