RBOB Unleaded new Highs; US Dollar in a nice looking Uptrend

ENERGIES: 5/04/10 Higher closes Monday for crude and heating oil along with the rbob and natural gas again. The crude, heat and rbob had strong closes again with the crude and rbob making their highest highs and closes since August ? and the heat since November ?. Natural gas closed higher but is now in a small BEAR PENNANT continuing to look lower overall.CONTRACT LOW AND CLOSE. BUY SIGNALS FOR CRUDE, HEAT AND THE RBOB. SELL SIGNAL FOR NATURAL GAS . CALL FOR DETAILS!

 CURRENCIES: 5/04/10 Higher closes yesterday for the Canadian Dollar, Aussie Dollar and dollar index while lower for the Euro Fx, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen and British Pound. The euro, franc and yen continue to be in downtrends overall with the yen making its lowest close since August ?.The Canadian Dollar settled higher this time but has been looking toppy over the last month or so. It's also still near a sell signal. The pound has also been consolidating and/ or looking toppy since the beginning of April while just above a support area at this time while the Aussie Dollar continues to gradually move higher overall although retracing lower over the last couple of weeks. The dollar setled higher and has been in a nice looking uptrend with strong support underneath as seen below. BUY SIGNALS FOR THE CANADIAN DOLLAR, BRITISH POUND, AUSSIE DOLLAR AND DOLLAR INDEX. SELL SIGNALS FOR THE EURO FX AND SWISS FRANC. CALL FOR DETAILS!