I'm still bearish on the Energies sector.

 ENERGIES: . Higher closes Monday for natural gas while lower for crude and heating oil, along with the rbob. Sharply lower closes for crude (lowest low and close since early February), heat (lowest low and close since the middle of February) and the rbob (lowest low and close since the midlle of March). Heating oil finally gave me a SELL SIGNAL but it's not worth taking a short at this time because using proper money management techniques are almost impossible to do until heat has a good-size retracement first. All of the energies have been retracing over the last week but should be sold on rallies. Gas has been attempting to base lately even after the Wall Street Journal had a nice article on how gas is procured at a much greater rate with new technology. I am now actually close to a possible buy signal! SELL SIGNALS FOR THE CRUDE OIL, HEATING OIL AND THE RBOB AND NATURAL GAS. CALL FOR DETAILS!