Metals are all still in Uptrends. Yen is in a small bull pennant as the short term uptrend continues

METALS: 01/26/10  Higher for silver, gold, platinum and copper this time. All of the metals continue to be in up-trends but have been forming potential tops and are still near possible sell signals. Copper is still in a uptrend but continues to look very toppy. Gold settled below the all important 1100 price again but not yet giving me a sell signal. Silver is still at the bottom of a support area while platinum also has been hurt by recent action and, like the other metals, has been acting toppy lately.



CURRENCIES: 01/26/10 Higher closes Monday for the Euro Fx, Swiss Franc, British pound, Canadian and Aussie dollar while lower for the Japanese yen and dollar index. The euro and franc slightly higher but no changes technically with both in downtrends but the franc not yet giving me a sell signal. The yen settled lower but is in a very small BULL PENNENT as its short term uptrend continues. The Canadian dollar closed higher breaking its losing streak but has lost its upward momentum now at the lower end of a strong support area needing to hold the 9400 area basis the March contract. The pound settled higher and could be forming a larger bottom. However, this possibility has been slowly fading away. Either way my buy signal is still in place while its overall trend since the middle of November has been down but the short-term trend up. The Aussie dollar settled slightly higher while trading, basically, sideways since late October. The dollar index settled slightly lower again still not quite giving me a buy signal but, overall, has been actually trending higher since the end of November. Either way, today's action has forced me to remove my sell signaI. BUY SIGNALS FOR THE BRITISH POUND AND CANADIAN DOLLAR. SELL SIGNAL FOR THE EURO FX. CALL FOR DETAILS!