CURRENCIES: 04/21/09 Sharply higher settlement yesterday for the Japanese Yen and higher for the dollar index while lower to sharply lower for the Canadian Dollar, British Pound, Euro Fx, Swiss Franc and Aussie Dollar. New recent lows and closes for the euros and francs both still looking lower with the former in a good support area but also unable to hold the13000 area basis the June contract and the latter unable to hold the 8600 area with little support below. Also the francs actually broke out of a down channel lower which is really bearish. The yen settled sharply higher continuing its retracement over the last week and one-half but now in a strong resistance area. Its long-term trend is still in a down. The pound also settled sharply lower hurting its uptrend now needing to hold the 14500 area. The Aussie Dollar had its lowest low and close in 2 1/2weeks hurting its up trend also needing to hold the 6800 area. Finally the dollar settled strong just missing a buy signal. BUY SIGNALS FOR THE CANADIAN AND AUSSIE DOLLAR ALONG WITH THE BRITISH POUND. CALL FOR DETAILS!

FINANCIALS: 04/21/09 Higher close for the notes and bonds while lower for the eurodollars. The eurodollars are starting to lose some steam. They need to now close over 9900 or expect a pullback to at least 9875 basis the June contract.The bonds and note continue to trade in sideways choppy action overall and I am standing aside for now.

ENERGIES: 04/21/09. Sharply lower for crude and heating oil along with the rbob while lower for natural gas. The heat, crude and rbob all had failed triangles which is pretty bearish and we should, at least, continue lower from today's closes. Also, I now have a sell signal in the June crude oil and am close to sell signals in the heat and rbob.