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FX Levels and Outlooks 1.12.2011 - EUR/USD GBP/USD USD/JPY

EUR/USD Paring Most of Last Week's Decline
Resistance 1: 1.34; R2: 1.35; R3: 1.3750 (61.8% retracement)
Support 1: 1.3150; S2: 1.3050; S3: 1.2880

- The EUR/USD is still consolidating when we look at the daily chart. Last week's sharp decline is followed by a sharp retracement.
- The natural question is whether this is a new bullish trend or whether it is still a correction to the decline since last November.
- The wave count suggests we could have completed a bearish impulse wave, and therefore, the rally this week could be wave a.
- With this count, we should anticipate a significant correction. If the 1.34-1.35 area gets broken, the market can rally towards 1.3750.
- However, if the market is in a strong decline after failing to break above 1.34, it should slide within a declining channel, and at least retest the lows near 1.2880.

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Fan Yang CMT
Chief Technical Strategist

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