Euro 1.4355

Initial support at 1.4328 (Aug 22 low) followed by 1.4226 (Aug 15 low).

Initial resistance is now  at 1.4578 (Jul 4 high) followed by 1.4697 (Jun 7 high)

Yen 76.85

Initial support is located at 76.34 (Aug 22 low) followed by 75.95 (Psych level).

Initial resistance is now at 77.02 (Aug 29 high) followed by 78.86 (Aug 8 high).

Pound 1.6235

Initial support at 1.6208 (Aug 26 low) followed by 1.6167 (Aug 12 low).

Initial resistance is now at 1.6420 (Aug 30 high) followed by 1.6573 (Aug 23 high).

Australian Dollar 1.0675

Initial support at 1.0521 (Aug 29 low) followed by the 1.0419 (Aug 26 low).

Initial resistance is now at 1.0700 (Psych level) followed by 1.0786 (Aug 3 High).

Gold 1826

Initial support at 1783 (Aug 30 low) followed by 1757 (Aug 26 low).

Initial resistance is now at 1853 (Aug 24 high) followed by 1913 (Aug 23 high).

Oil 88.70

Initial support at 88.00 (Intraday Support) followed by 87.00 (Intraday Support).

Initial resistance is now at 90.00 (Intraday resistance) followed by 92.50 (Intraday Resistance).

CurrencySup 2Sup 1SpotRes 1Res 2




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