USD-CHF @ 1.1172/75...Ranged

R: 1.1175-82 / 1.1353-60 / 1.1404-37

S: 1.1096 / 1.0979 / 1.0958-29

As expected Swiss moved sideways during the day ranged between 1.1121-1.1217 and also in line with our broad view of sideways consolidation with an upward bias till the triangle resolution. Sharply rising trendline Support (for today this Support is near 1.1075-1.1100) could carry the pair up towards the resolution of the triangle over the next few days. To see the chart click on:

There's still good potential for an S-H-S formation on the daily charts which could be confirmed if the red trendline (also a possible Neckline) on the daily chart breaks.

Cable GBP-USD @ 1.4544/48...Bearish Medium-Long Term

R: 1.4562 / 1.4668 / 1.4715-26

S: 1.4481 / 1.4436 / 1.4365

Cable rose sharply during the day and past our expectations of 1.4650 to record a high of 1.4710 and then fell sharply below the 1.45 mark. For the US session, the broad range for the pair could be 1.4300-1.4740 which can be seen from the daily candle chart. To see the chart of Cable, click on:

Monthly chart suggests that in the longer term, the pair could be headed towards 1.40 having broken a trendline Support at 1.53. To see the monthly chart, click on:

Aussie AUD-USD @ 0.6726/31...Ranged

Aussie seems to be entangled in the moving averages as can be seen on the 3-day charts. Let's see whether the pair continues being bound by these MAs or it manages to break out. To see the 3-day line chart of Aussie, click on: