USD-CHF @ 1.1622/25...Awaiting upside move

R: 1.1663 / 1.1807 / 1.1887

S: 1.1582 / 1.1549-40 / 1.1502-497

Swiss continues to be in range as it kept traders awaited for a surge towards 1.18 (Please note that 1.1807 is Projected Max High for the day). It has traded between 1.1590-1.1681 during the day. A dip should be contained near 1.1545 below which, the pair would have broken below the channel. However a rise above 1.1745 is what we are expecting that can take the pair towards 1.18 initially and beyond that at 1.19 (where the 55-month MA exists. To see the chart of Swiss, click on:

Cable GBP-USD @ 1.4893/96...Holding Short

R: 1.5007 / 1.5124 / 1.5459

S: 1.4795 / 1.4754-38 / 1.4643-20

Cable found Resistance at 1.4938 as it has dipped a bit after touching a high of 1.4938. Could possibly rise towards 1.50 during the US session which could possibly stop us out of the Short that we hold. The view continues to be the same that the pair could possibly see some profit taking after having risen breathlessly over the past few days. For the day, it has been taking Support at 55-day MA and if held, could see the pair rise towards 1.50 and then see a pull back. To see the chart and an important trendline Resistance, click on:


Short GBP 10K at 1.4874, SL 1.4970, TP 1.4720

Aussie AUD-USD @ 0.6740/42...Resistance at 0.69

R: 0.6746-63 / 0.6908 / 0.7091

S: 0.6681-58 / 0.6626-16 / 0.6585-83

Aussie has risen towards 0.6740 during the day and has traded stronger through the day. We continue to maintain the broader range of 0.6250-0.6900 over the next several days with possibility to rise towards 0.69 after breaking past a Resistance at 100-day MA at 0.6814 shortly if the Support at 0.6585 holds and then see a pull back from there after facing trendline Resistance. To see the chart of Aussie, click on: