USD-CHF @ 1.1649/53...Resistance at 1.18

R: 1.1770 / 1.1819-47

S: 1.1608-586 / 1.1575-68 / 1.1504-487

Dollar-Swiss has risen higher during the US session as risk aversion continued to boost US Treasury Bonds. Continued upthrust could result in pair testing the Resistance at 1.18 during the US session. If that holds, it could then see a pull back, else there is an important 55-month MA Support at 1.1919. A dip towards 1.1520 would be a good idea to go Long. To see the chart of Swiss, click on:

R: 1.4178 / 1.4329-36 / 1.4384

S: 1.4110 / 1.3900

Cable has dipped below the Projected Max Low for the week mentioned in the morning when it touched a low of 1.4135. It might potentially consolidate near this region between 1.41 and 1.43 over the next couple of sessions and might fall further during early next week. Just wanted to remind our readers that 1.39 is an important Support Level for the pair on the monthly charts and 1.55 is an important Resistance. The pair is expected to oscillate in between these levels over a longer time frame. Though the range is wide but the pair has been showing such volatility which stops one for projecting a narrower range. To see the long term monthly chart of Cable, click on:

Aussie AUD-USD @ 0.6476/79...Likely to dip towards 0.63

R: 0.6532-57 / 0.6600

S: 0.6386 / 0.6276

Aussie slipped towards 0.6456 and is likely to be pressured lower over the next few sessions which could take the pair towards 0.63 if the Resistance at 0.66 continues to hold. This is an important Resistance level which has been holding on for two days. This looks well evident from the daily candle charts. To see the chart of Aussie, click on:

In the broader frame, Aussie has been moving in a channel on the 3-day candle charts which after taking Resistance at 0.6750 is being pressured to move towards the lower end of the channel. Similar view comes out of the weekly charts.