USD-CHF @ 1.1678/82...Holding Long

R: 1.1708 / 1.1750 / 1.1807
S: 1.1675-60 / 1.1594 / 1.1548

The intra-day Support at 1.1630-00 has held well so far. In fact, the market has remained above 1.1600 through the day so far. As such, the chances of a rise towards 1.18 look good for now. Overall too, Dollar-Swiss continues to maintain its uptrend, with Support at 1.1550-30. Buying on dips to 1.1600 and 1.1550 might be worthwhile.


USD 10K Long at 1.1682, SL 1.1645, TP 1.1777. As soon as the market trades 1.1715, bring SL up to 1.1660.

Cable GBP-USD @ 1.4239/44...Intra-day Support at 1.4135

R: 1.4281 / 1.4305-50
S: 1.4150-35 / 1.4035

In the morning, we had said that while the intra-day Support at 1.4135 held, there was a possibility of a rally taking place. The intra-day low has been 1.4150 so far and the Pound has indeed rallied from the morning level of 1.4213. In fact, it had risen to an intra-day high of 1.4281.

With 1.4135 established as a decent Support for now, a rally towards 1.45 could be seen over the next couple of days.

That said, the Pound is bearish in the bigger picture. It is trading in a downward channel, coming down from the high of 1.6675 (30-Oct) to a low of 1.3503 (23-Jan). Take a look at the Daily Candles at

The intra-day Resistance is at 1.4305-50, and the intra-week Resistance is at 1.4750. While these hold, there is a decent chance of seeing a fall towards 1.3750, or lower, by next week. However, given the propensity for high intra-day volatility in the Cable, one would have to be prepared to see an intra-day or intra-week rally towards 1.45 before the fall towards 1.3750 starts.

Limit Buy Order:

Buy GBP 10K at 1.4179, SL 1.4110, TP 1.4392

Aussie AUD-USD @ 0.6495/6505...Ranged now, bearish overall

R: 0.6515 / 0.6548 / 0.6570 / 0.6593
S: 0.6469 / 0.6432 / 0.6409

In the overall big-picture, the Aussie is in a downtrend since the Jul-08 High of 0.9851, and has a Resistance at 0.6750-6850, as can be seen on the Weekly Candles on the following page:

Since the low of 0.6007 seen on 27-Oct, however, the Aussie has seen a bit of sideways correction, moving up to a high of 0.7272 on 07-Jan. This mild uptrend provides Support at 0.6300-6250.

In the immediate timeframe, therefore, the Aussie is ranged between 0.6250-6850. This range can last through this week, and into next week as well. But eventually the range will have to break. And, unless the Aussie can close above 0.6800-50 in the next couple of weeks, the danger would be for a break below 0.6250.

IN CASE of a rise past 0.6850, though, the Aussie could then target 0.7400.

Buying a Put on an intra-week rise towards 0.6700-50 might be considered.

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